When It Comes To Forestry, One Tire Can Save The Day

Forestry is all about harvesting a natural renewable resource. Done properly, the forest will grow back over time. We are not talking about shoveling of rain forest that is done in some parts of the world. North American is the biggest area followed by Sweden and Finland, and then comes the area of Germany, Austria, Russia followed by Brazil and Chile. Forestry generates massive income. The wood products that are exported are wood, paper and pulp.

The method for harvesting differs between areas, where as Europe is more focused on Cut-to-Length (CTL) where a harvester cuts the tree into length. The branches and the top is cut off and left in the forest. The other method more used in North and South America is the full tree (FT) harvesting, where the full tree is cut and dragged to the landing, before you cut of any parts.

The advantages of CTL are that you need less equipment, as you can manage with two machines in the forest, one harvester and one forwarder. Where the harvester will fell and cut the trees and leave them for the forwarder to pick them up and bring them to the landing. The impact on the forest is also less, as dragging the full trees can damage the moss and the top layer, while the branches cut of in the CTL process can act as protection when it remains.

Nokian Tyres are the global leader in forestry tires, having supplied tires for decades to the Finnish forestry. They have almost a full range of tires for forestry both for CTL for HT harvesting. You have harvester tires and forwarder tires to cover your CTL harvesting and then logger tires for the truck picking up the timber for further transport from the landing to the next destination. For the CT harvesting they also have skidder tires and forest tractor tires.

Common for all forestry tires is that they are all able to deliver excellent grip in all conditions that you will experience in the forest. From swamps to rocks and heavy climbs, you need to be able to rely on your tires to provide you with faultless execution of the task at hand. The Nokian Tyres are built for harsh conditions, so weather will not stop you. Their durability is also second to none, where they are made of cut and crack resistant rubber compound and belt reinforced to provide tires that will get the job done regardless of the conditions.

If you need additional grip, some of the tires allow for over the tire tracks that will provide you with extra grip when you would need it. When you are deep in the forest working you want to be able to rely on your equipment and you want to ensure that you will get a high degree of operating hours and avoid any unscheduled downtime that can be very costly and delay the work.

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Written by Top TradeFairs