Suzuki Swift 1.6: Lending Credence to the Brand Values

Suzuki Swift is an iconic and the most muscular super-mini hot hatch in its range. It is a noteworthy option for those seeking fun, thrill, and excitement with some quick stuff. Though it is clothed in pleasingly old fashioned clad, it is quick, strong, power fuel and efficient than the other workhorse prevailing under the same category. Thrifty engine, surprising agility, and interior craftsmanship are the key selling strengths of this unique workhorse.

Impressive Interior

Comfortable and well finish cabin space offers enough space for four adults to enjoy comfort throughout the journey. it is a three and five-door model with a long list of features and specs enhancing opulence and luxury. The level of equipment under the hood is different in different trim choices, but overall it has a feature-rich inside space. Sporty body kit, 17-inch alloy wheels, rear spoiler and all-round brake disc on the outside is standard. Climate control, keyless entry and go, automatic lights, sat-nav, and DAB radio are standard on this efficient workhorse.

Power And Driving

Suzuki Swift 1.6 for sale is powered by a naturally aspirated 1.6-liter engine. Thanks to the front wheel drive and a six-speed manual gearbox for making it impressive workhorse. Surprisingly soft suspension, minimum body roll, and the electrically assisted steering enable it to drive well on road. The engine is tried and tested formula of power which claims to deliver an efficient 47.1 mpg mileage and efficiency on road.

Marvelous Comfort Creature

Suzuki Swift 1.6 for sale is the marvelous and unique workhorse designed to deliver extreme comfort and convenience to the passengers on board. Other than interior craftsmanship and under the hood power configuration, Suzuki swift 1.6 for sale feels impressive for the level of comfort. Adequate size, spacious interior and a long list of features for safety and in-car entertainment are making it a good value for money. Either it is safety, security, in-car entertainment or driveability, the vehicle is successfully gaining the high ranking customer ranking.

Safe and Reliable

Suzuki has an overhaul market reputation for building efficient and economical vehicles with low buying and running cost. Suzuki Swift 1.6 prices, is reasonably making it another most efficient and agile workhorse designed to satisfy the modern-day driving needs. Active and passive safety amenities include features like advanced driver assistance system, lane departure warning, low-speed collision avoidance, and adaptive cruise control to ensure passenger protection. The use of high-quality material, decent warranty, and good resale value are a few notable aspects enhancing the reliability figures for this unique workhorse.


Suzuki with the tagline “way of life” is successfully raising the living standards by launching all new vehicles. These workhorses are designed to accommodate the daily driving needs of urban customers and give them a permanent solution or every day driving. Suzuki Swift 1.6 for sale is an all-rounder or an efficient workhorse. Check SBT Japan to have best discount on new or used Suzuki swift vehicles to enjoy an enthralling and exciting ride experience.

Written by Top TradeFairs