Ford S-Max Stylish Seven Passenger’s Car

It is not matching to trending SUVs but it is a very good one for many solid reasons

For a seven-seat vehicle, it is not necessary to be drab in appearance and just focus on providing spacious cabin to hold seven persons in total and Ford has been trying to prove it for last ten years.

Ford S-Max reconditioned engines are also very much in demand because of their performance ability. To buy Ford S-Max reconditioned engines in the UK you do not need to search a lot. So it is quite a popular vehicle for its practicality and performance.

It is not matching to trending SUVs but it is a very good one for many solid reasons. It has a sporty nature and can be called one of the sportiest MPV around today. All models in the range are with the same seven seats so whatever version you choose can take the whole family together.

But it is not the sole appeal it has. The base model has an engine of 1.5-litres with turbocharged technology and it is a petrol burner. Even though it is with lesser power but its carbon emission is quite high so it may not be recommended by many.

Similarly, 2.0-litre petrol burner is also not impressive as fuel economy is quite high. The diesel alternatives are rather good to own for this great MPV.

The top models of the range are the most expensive

To kick off the diesel range the 2.0-litre gives only 118bhp and it is not enough to pull efficiently this vehicle. It has to work harder when fully occupied.

The variant of the same engine with 148bhp is quite good and performs up to the expectations of when all seats are occupied and luggage too carried. It is a superb balance of power and economy so you would experience the best possible combination of the range with this engine.

The more powerful variants of 2.0-litre diesel engine produce 178bhp and 207bhp.  These two models must be more appealing for the buyers with four-wheel drive option.

The top models of the range are surely the most expensive of the lot hence not easy to recommend but when you have to experience harsh winter then these are the most suitable options. The two top models come with automatic six-speed transmissions.

Sporty suspension for winding roads

The stiff suspension keeps it sporty and for a family car, such comfort is not pleasing. The suspension passes on the small road patches to the seat occupants.

But it is not as harsh ride as some vehicles of the segment do offer and cannot be called an uncomfortable car. On smooth roads and motorways ride quality is excellent that is why it is more a car of long distances.

At difficult winding tracks, you could have a sporty suspension that is stiffer but not much when compared to the standard one. A self-leveling suspension is another option but you cannot have it in four-wheel drive models.

The steering is precise and returns to the center

This car is the most enjoyable while having hands on the steering and no other MPV offers such driving. Road grip is great and body lean is least so handling becomes good and much like of a smaller car.

The steering is precise and tends to return to the center but does not disturb your driving on bends. Brakes need to be developed to match the progress of all other features because they give an impression of ageing.

Engines’ refinement is good and the riders do not hear their noise inside the cabin. The pick of the range 2.0-litre diesel having 148 bhp output is the best in refinement too. Road noise sneaks in the cabin but wind noise has well kept out.

Royston .F
Written by Royston .F