Fiat Scudo a Fine Alternative for Van Buyers


An affordable spacious LCV that fits the category very well

As you see the size of a vehicle changes so does its price. And with this increased price it becomes difficult to buy it. But here you are reading about a large van which is big and bigger when you enter it and this one is well in reach than the rivals. Scudo is not only with in reach when purchasing, it is as affordable to run also. It is also nice to look at although the simplicity lies in this aspect but it is elegantly shaped any way. The entries for the loading area is two way; from the back and side. It becomes very handy when you are going to load an item of a good size. You have a variety in engine choice, configurations and trim levels which let you to get a vehicle of your choice. You get a panel van, platform cab and commercial passenger vehicle variations to choose from. Fiat Scudo engines are good to drive and useful and as Scudo is a joint venture of Peugeot and Citroen there are three diesel engines which are from Peugeot. You can also have Scudo reconditioned engines easily available from reliable sellers in UK and wherever the model is available.

Engine capacity and performance

There are two diesel engines with variants both have goodness on them and make the driving side easy with nice pulling power. 1.6-liter diesel engine comes with 89 hp and a 180 Nm. The second one is a 2.0-liter diesel engine with two options. You can either have it in the 126 hp form with 320 Nm or 161 hp with 340 Nm. To cover long distances and carry heavy loads at the same time 1.6-liter is a better choice for the purpose. The fuel consumption figures are quite impressive if not perfect as there are rivals who do offer more economy than this one. But still from where it comes from the figures do beat those. 1.6-liter engine have a 5-speed manual gear box while the other two have a six-speed gear box. You have to take care of the engines which ever you choose to get the most out of them and servicing and maintenance is very important to have your engine love you.

The most important load space and convenience

You get a nice space inside equaling the immediate rival base models while it does feel smaller for those leading ones. But it serves well for most of the services required from this category. There are some very convenient systems installed in the transport to aid while loading and unloading especially the heavier loads and also while carrying them to the destination. The central locking system secures the loading area so as to avoid any mishap during the action. There are eight load lashing points inside the back area and in the Comfort models there is paneling for the lower part and a 12 V power-point. The air suspension option offered throughout except for 1.6-liter to lower the cargo area to make the work easier.

The front cabin

It is a nice thing to be in having every thing neatly situated. There are nice small storage spaces on the dashboard to make it easier for the occupiers to secure their belongings. The cup holders are present in the form of pull outs from the dash to have a cup of tea on the way. The driver’s seat and steering wheel can be adjusted according to the ideal height and make oneself comfortable for the driving function. The double passenger seat is standard along the range which is usually cramped in many and in this one also. The supportive seats make the long journeys relaxing.


Written by Top TradeFairs